Hrithik Roshan planning his second marriage, who's the lucky girl?

New Delhi, Jan 17: Is Hrithik Roshan getting second time lucky? Is he planning to get married yet again? Not long back Hrithik and Sussane Khan had parted ways after a long courtship and marriage. The couple was blessed with two beautiful sons.

Before you start jumping to conclusions, let it be clear that the girl chosen for Hrithik Roshan's second marriage is none other than Sussane!. Yes, if sources are to be belived then both Hrithik and Sussane are planning to get married again.

The sources say that the families have initiated talks in this line and the pros and cons of the matter are being discussed. The boys are the major reason behind this patch-up. 

Even after their separation, the couple look very much in love with each other. No one can miss the care that they have shown from time to time. Even after Sussane walked out his home Hrithik always ensured that she has no problem.

During the ugly spat of Hrithik and Kangana Ranaut, Sussane stood like a rock with him. The two always ensured that they give quality time to their children. The family was often seen together in holidays.

All's well that ends well.