Hrithik Roshan to Mentor Tiger Shroff in YRF's Next


It’s a casting coup! Aditya Chopra and YRF have brought together many stars in many of their previous films and have earned alot of moolah too! 


Once again, Producer Aditya Chopra has managed the same with his next movie with Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff. Its going to be an action film. But unlike his Dhoom Franchise, which has one A-list actor pitted against another top actor, this one will see the two actors as mentor and protégé.


According to inside sources, “Hrithik and Tiger are not clashing against each other in the film. In fact, the two will be uniting to form a formidable duo. Hrithik plays Tiger’s mentor in the film, who guides him. The whole film will revolve around their sweet guru-shishya bond and together they take on the baddie.”