I am a Khiladi, says Akhilesh on family feud..News 24 is lucky for me

Lucknow:  Tipu is now a Sultan, in every sense. Full of confidence after the poll pact with Congress, Samajwadi Party President and UP CM Akhilesh is an unforgiving mood, be it father Mulayam Singh Yadav or uncle Shivpal Yadav. For starters, Tipu is Akhilesh's nickname.

Oozing with confidence, Akhilesh walked in at the News24 Conclave- Uttar Pradesh Manthan, the biggest pre-poll programme organised here. With new found political maturity, Akhilesh ducked all the incisive questions, relating to family feud,  from News24 Editor-in-Chief Anurradha Prasad. To every question, Akhilesh had just one answer- 'There were problems, but the matter has been sorted out. Now there's no looking back, and I am just focusing on my rallies."

But, finally News24 managed to got Akhilesh to speak on the matter.  When asked how as a son and nephew he felt about the victory over father and uncle, Akhilesh said, " I have never fought with anybody in my entire life.  But, I am a `khiladi', and when I play a game, I play it well." Clear hints that he has no regrets about his differences with his father and uncle, and what he did to get what he wanted.  

He went to add that, ' I often think that can I ever get so angry for my son." This seems to  Akhilesh's way to ask his father, " How could you get so angry with your son for your brother." That's Akhilesh in new avtaar-tough, above emotions and a man in a hurry to prove a point to his uncle and father a victory in UP polls. Focus are target are clear as of  now.

However, he quickly added that he has no big plans about himself, but he and party do have big plans for 'netaji' (Mulayam)- They want to see him as PM. Looked like the son within him woke up for a while.

For uncle, his message is clear, "Anybody who is a true Samajwadi will come forward and work hard for party's victory in the polls."  Smartly, he has put the onus on Shivpal to fall in line.  


Before he left, he accepted that News24 is lucky for him. " I was at the News24 programme just before polls last time. I am here again before polls..". What he didn't say was that this time again he will be the CM. (News24Bureau)