I am being targeted; I have fear, my life is in danger: Former TN Chief Secy

Tamil Nadu: Former TN Chief Secretary  P Rama Mohana Rao made first appearance after I-T conducted raid at his residence. Rao said," At gun point CRPF entered my house,they entered my son's house at gun point.Why did they do? I may b a big hurdle for many". 

Later considering Former TN CM Jayalalithaa's demise, he said," If madam had been alive, would this happen to Tamil Nadu? What about people's security? If they wanted to search my house, they could have transferred me. How much time does it take for a CM to transfer CS? Where is State Govt?".

 What role or business does GoI,CRPF have to enter Chief Secy's chamber?Did they get CM's permission. Isn't this unconstitutional assault? Where's the state govt? Who's permission did CRPF get to enter my house?They did not have any search warrant against me. I was the chief secy, I am the chief secy of Tamil Nadu.They have no guts to serve me with the copy of transfer order. They have found nothing. No incriminate documents found; No secret chamber, that is the store room."