I love you Katrina, says Shahid Kapoor...Know the truth

New Delhi, Sep 7, News24 Bureau: These days cybercrime is happening everywhere. At the same time, we also hear news of hacking every day. And also Bollywood celebrities were not left from this. 

After Kriti Sanon, Shahid Kapoor's Twitter and Instagram has been hacked recently. Yes, Shahid's Instagram and Twitter account was hacked yesterday. Hackers have described themselves as Turkish.

Several hate tweets were made on Shahid's account. Very strange posts were shared with Shahid's account.

In the post, Hacker also shared the song "Mashallah" of Katrina's film 'Ek Tha Tiger' and wrote, 'I Love You, Katrina Kaif'.

Apart from this, a tweet was written that Raja Allauddin was not such cruel and animal, as you have shown people. It is being told that hacker is Turkey Cyber Group Ayyildiz Tim. 

Let's tell you that recently, Kriti Sanon's Twitter and Instagram were also hacked before Shahid.