I owe the success of my films to the normalcy of my life: R Balki

With Padman creating stirs and raising awareness on women's menstrual health, its due to cause a social change of sorts, more healthier women and more supportive men for sure. That's a happier society in the end. 

Balki, with Cheeni Kum and then Paa and then Ki and Ka, started a trend on unusual stories. All these movies have been geared towards creating changes in our biases and perceptions on making woman feel worthy and equal in society. That's the kind of mindset we need for heading towards progress. 


The filmmaker replies that he owes his mindset and approach to the cinema to his parents, that have gifted him an 'absolutely normal life". 'There wasn't any blip -I never felt poor or rich or hungry or extreme sorrow. So in my films, I don't have that personal angst to draw from, so I always have to imagine it. I was never beaten or unloved, so I don't feed off from my unhappiness. I owe my films to the normalcy of my life," he says.

As a director, he says, it isn't tough to look for subjects that create conversations. "I just try and see what I haven’t thought of before. I also watch a lot of films. I think there is a certain zone and tone that every director has. I know enough to say that. If you’re doing something that isn't original, then there’s no point in doing it. Yes, the subjects might have been done with somewhere else. But I should not know. That’s my only condition before starting a film. If I know it and I’m asked to do it, then there’s a problem.