I visited Sena Bhavan & resdience of Bal Thackeray to do a surveillance: David Headley

Mumbai: Pakistani-American terrorist-turned-approver David Coleman Headley made some stark revlations while deposing before a Mumbai sessions court on Saturday.

Headley told the court that Hafiz Saeed, chief of Jama'at-ud-Da'wah (JuD) wanted to teach Shiv Sena a 'lesson' for which Headley asked for 'six months' to complete the task. He also revealed that he had visited Sena Bhawan and the residence of Thackeray to do his research.

Here are the developments so far:

1. Lakhvi introduced me to Muzzamil Bhatt in 2006 as a top commander of LeT & told me that he has done Akshardham & Ishrat Jahan cases: David Headley.

2. Lakhvi told me about Ishrat Jahan case but I was having prior knowledge about Ishrat  Jahan case through newspapers, says Headley.

3. NIA has recorded my statement in different words what I told them, Headley told the Mumbai sessions court today.

4. I never told NIA that Lakhvi introduced me to Muzammil as a top commander whose every big operation was a failure, says David Headley.

5. I can't explain why NIA did not recorded my statement in exact words. They never read out that statement to me after recording, says Headley

6. How can I explain about why someone else made a mistake (on why NIA did not record his statement in exact words he said): David Headley.

7. Didn't tell NIA tht Lakhvi sarcastically told me Muzamil was a top commander whose ops were failure when he introduced me to Muzamil, says Headley.

8. I am seeing copy of my statement to NIA for the first time,I remember most of my statement to NIA so I didn't read it, David Headley told the court.

9. I gave details of Ishrat Jahan operation in NIA's statement but I can't assign a reason that why they didn't recorded that: Headley.

10. Headley during cross examination says "Yes, I told NIA that there was a women's wing in LeT and mother of Abu Aiman was head of that."

11. Defence lawyer claims that Headley did not tell NIA about Ishrat Jahan, but Headley tells court that he had told NIA about Ishrat Jahan.

12. Hafiz Saeed told me that Bal Thackeray needed to be taught a lesson, I told him I will take 6 months to complete the task, David Headley reveals.

13. I visited Sena Bhavan & resdience of Bal Thackeray to do a surveillance: Headley.

14. I met some of the guards at the gates of the perimeter of his residence, says David Headley.

15. I conducted surveillance of CBI HQ Tanna House and Maharashtra assembly,but not Israel Embassy, says Headley during cross examination.

16. During my interrogation, NIA was showing me photographs having names on them, they showed my 6-7 photographs, says David Headley.

17. But after US prosecutor's objection they (NIA) started showing me photographs without names: David Headley.

18. It's not correct tht I identified photos in this court on basis of photos shown by NIA, I identified just 1 of those 6-7photos: says Headley.

19. It is wrong that me and my associates were planning to assassinate Pervez Musharraf, this is not true: David Headley told the Mumbai court.

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