I would have suspended Bassi, had Delhi Police been under our jurisdiction, says Kejriwal

New Delhi (News24 Bureau): Launching a scathing attack on Delhi Police commissioner BS Bassi, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Tuesday said that he would have suspended him if Police were under his government's control.

Talking to News24's Editor-in-chief Anurradha Prasad in weekly show 'Aamne Saamne', Kejriwal exclaimed, "Bassi challenges me for a debate. Is he a bureaucrat? Is he a politician?" Kejriwal, who has successfully completed one year in office, further added that Bassi's challenge for a debate was unlawful. "It's against his police services. Had the central government been impartial, Bassi would have been suspended. He would have been suspended, had Delhi Police been under our government's jurisdiction." Earlier, Bassi had challenged Kejriwal for an open debate after AAP MLAs demanded a CBI probe against him in a case of allotment of a flat in a cooperative group housing society in Rohini. Kejriwal alleged PM Modi was not allowing smooth functioning of government in the national capital. Referring to PM Modi, Delhi CM ridiculed, "He (Modi) has been working as an angry elder brother, who doesn't allow his younger brother to study properly. At times, he takes his younger brother's pencil away. Then younger brother exclaims, ' Bhaiyaa, you too have to take test in 2019." He admitted that the governmner employees in Delhi had been struggling because of the ongoing battle between Delhi govt and Centre. Kejriwal told AAP's next target is Punjab, whch goes to polls next year. Refusing to disclose Punjab CM candidate's name,  Kejriwal said that AAP is sure of winning assembly polls in the state.

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