Ian Brown escapes driving ban

London:  Musician Ian Brown escaped a potential driving ban after telling a court that he needed to go shopping for his elderly parents.

Brown faced a disqualification after he was caught travelling at 37 mph in a 30 mph zone in his Lexus, reports dailymail.co.uk.

He pled guilty to speeding at Stockport, Manchester, but said a ban would be inconvenient as he needed his car to drive to band rehearsals and to do errands for his elderly parents.

Brown said a ban would hinder him driving eight miles to see his father George Brown, 81, and mother Jean, 79, and getting groceries for them.

"They are both elderly and immobile. It falls to Ian to look after them. He spends the days doing errands, doing their shopping," Brown's lawyer said.

"He is rehearsing in the middle of nowhere and is one of four who need to be there," the lawyer added.

Later, Brown was not banned from the road after the court agreed that the iconic rocker might suffer "exceptional hardship" if that were the case.