I'd be terrible at being like Taylor Swift: Kendrick

Los Angeles,: Actress Anna Kendrick is not interested in becoming like Taylor Swift. The "Pitch Perfect" star says that she couldn't be "the perfect Miss America" like the "Out of the Woods" singer, reports aceshowbiz.com.  "I would be terrible at being like Taylor Swift, the perfect Miss America version of interacting with fans and making sure they have a good experience," Kendrick told Net-A-Porter magazine.  "I mean, I don't want people to meet me and have it f**k up their day, but I'm glad I can say something weird to them and they know that's just me," she added.  She also said that award shows give her anxiety.  "There was never a point where I was like, 'If I could just be in a room with a bunch of famous people, that would be great'," Kendrick said.  "So I'm not surprised that I find myself riddled with anxiety over award shows and stuff," she added.