If Siddaramaiah thinks politics of appeasement will be successful, he's wrong, says Shah

New Delhi, Feb 20: BJP chief Amit Shah is on a three-day tour of poll-bound Karnataka from Monday during which he will attend a number of events and hold public meetings. Karnataka is likely to go to the polls in April-May and the BJP has been making concerted efforts to wrest it from the Congress. It is the only big state, of those which send 20 or more MPs to the Lok Sabha, being ruled by the Congress. 

Amit Shah in Sullia, Karnataka said, "BJP is a party with different work culture. Other parties go for elections based on various ministers and their work. We, on the other hand not only have the world's most popular leader but also 11 Crore members from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. This is an election not only related to the state but the interests of the entire nation. In this election a govt will come in Karnataka which will open doors to the South for us."

Commenting on CM Siddaramaiah he sai, "If he thinks politics of appeasement will be successful, he's wrong. Appeasement and polarisation here reflects in example where son of MLA Haris thrashed a man but there was no FIR. Why? Not only because he's Haris's son but because it involves appeasement of groups."

News24Bureau with Agencies