Ileana speaks about her marriage plan with her live-in boyfriend!

Prachi Bhardwaj, New Delhi: Ileana D'cruz who was last seen on the big screen opposite Arjun Kapoor in 'Mubarakan' is known for keeping her personal life wrapped under bangs.

Ileana, who is in a live-in relationship with her photographer boyfriend Andrew Kneebone, shared her viewpoint on the idea of marriage.

During a recent Interview, Ileana opened up about her relationship with her boyfriend and said," "I doubt that will ever happen. I've been working in the industry for 11 years. It's taken me a lot to understand the working culture. We actors get a lot of love, but at times, we get double the amount of negativity for no reason whatsoever. There are times when the comments become nasty. It's not fair for him to go through it. He is a normal person and is entitled to his privacy. I have had people coming and telling me that he is not an Indian and I find it stupid. He is someone who has been special to me and I don't want to be in a situation where my family is targetted for no fault of theirs."

The couple never interferes in each other's professional life and are head over heels in love. 

Further speaking about her marriage plans with Andrew, Ileana said," "I think marriage and live-in relationship aren't really different. It is just a piece of paper that separates the two. Marriage is great for a lot of people. It changes a lot of things between two people, but I don't look at it in that way. My commitment towards him is not going to change."