I'm a coconut oil fanatic: Pamela Anderson

Los Angeles, March 6: Actress-model Pamela Anderson has confessed that she is a coconut oil "fanatic". The "Baywatch" star has also shared her top beauty tip for youthful looking skin: coconut oil used as a moisturiser, an emollient and for haircare. "I'm a coconut oil fanatic... I think it's really good for your skin, good for your hair, good for everything, from the inside out," Anderson was quoted as saying by Harper's Bazaar magazine.  "I just use coconut oil that you buy at the store to cook with, and I leave it in the shower or I soak it when I'm in the bathtub so it melts and I'll use it all just as moisturiser for my face, my body, my hair, everything. I don't think those really expensive products do anything better than household products," she added. Anderson also said that she is not a "product person" and believes in everything natural.  "I'm not a big product person. Just be as natural as you can get, and then have fun with hair and make-up... whatever your version of pretty is, as long as you feel confident.  The "Barb wire" actress added: "Everyone wants natural beauty, but natural beauty still takes an hour and a half."