I'm quite detached from success, failure: Ranbir Kapoor

Mumbai, July 6  (IANS) Bollywood star Ranbir Kapoor says he is always prepared to face failure and he finds himself detached from success.

On  Wednesday, Ranbir introduced his cousin Aadar Jain, who is going to  make his debut with a Yash Raj Films project to be directed by Habib  Faisal. The banner will also launch Anya Singh.

Before "Ae Dil  Hai Mushkil", Ranbir had a string of films like "Besharam", "Roy",  "Bombay Velvet" and "Tamasha" that didn't do too well.

Asked  about how he deals with lows in life, Ranbir told the media here:  "People have seen me in the last three years. My first film 'Saawariya'  was also a big disaster, so I am always prepared for it. I already said  that the God is in the work, and I feel really happy when I am working.

"I am quite detached with success and failure of a film, and I wish that Aadar and Anya both at least adapt to that concept."

Sharing  some words of wisdom with Aadar, Ranbir said: "When I entered the  industry, I got so much advice from seniors, family members and all, but  I feel everybody has to make their own journey.

"I might advise  him on many things, but it doesn't matter because till the time he  doesn't fall, he will not be able to rise up for the occasion. And in  the same way, till the time he won't see his first success, till that  time he won't be able to take pride and credit for it.

"I can  give him advice if he comes to me, but I can't tell him to do a certain  film which will help in your career because if one year later that film  doesn't work, then it will be wrong... Because we are in such an  industry where decisions have to be yours and based on your gut feeling  and instincts... It all has to come from within"

Ranbir also advised Aadar about handling the media.

He  said: "They are the people who are going to help, support, praise and  criticize you. When you are doing bad, they will hold you up. They will  write bad things about you. Do give them your perspective and what you  feel about certain things and it won't harm you if you are politically  correct sometimes, so don't be completely honest also."

Talking  about how Aadar had worked as an assistant director in "Ae Dil Hai  Mushkil", Ranbir said: "I used to bully him. I used to call him in my  make-up room and I used to instruct him to say Aishwarya (Rai Bachchan)  or Anushka's (Anushka Sharma) lines so I could learn my lines.

"I was using him, but in a way it was good for him because I used to tell him to act with expressions and emotions."

On  the work front, Ranbir is gearing up for Anurag Basu's "Jagga Jasoos"  in which he will be seen with Katrina Kaif. The film is releasing on  July 14.