In 1 sec download a movie

New Delhi: Download movie in 1 second. After reading you must be thinking that we are taking you for a ride or playing a prank on you. But, you are wrong. This is going to be a reality in 2017 with high speed internet 5G services. Mobile and net service providers are currently testing this across the world, including India.


The government has almost made up its mind to introduce 5G services in  India in 2017, according to a report in the Mint. Soon telecom regulator TRAI will issue a consultation paper on 5G to frame the guideline and laws for governing the new service.

Through 5G, users will be able to download heavy data files and high quality digital movies without any limits in few seconds. Users of 5G services will be able to enjoy and access high-end services like 3D films, games, ultra HD content and remote medical services.

It is the next generation technology, and speed under 5G  is 100 times faster than the 4G services.(News24Bureau)