In India, only 10% of all marriages last for 40-plus years

New Delhi: Latest data from the 2011 Census has revealed that across India, couples married for 40-plus years account for only 10% of all couples.

The largest contribution to this 10% is made by northern India, followed by Maharashtra in the west; here 11-12% of all couples are married for more than 40 years.

On the other, in Meghalaya, just 4.1% of all couples have been married for 40 years or more, one-third of Haryana or Maharashtra.

According to Sociologists, the reasons behind the long lasting marriages in Northern India and Maharashtra are early marriages and longer life span.

The Census data shows, in Haryana, 21% of married men tied the knot before reaching 21 years, compared to just 11% in Meghalaya. Similarly, 31% of married Haryanvi women were married before reaching the legally allowed 18 years, compared to 15% in Meghalaya.

News24 Bureau