In just 1 sec download 3 movies, here is the trick!


In a great news for WiFi users, Dutch researchers have revealed that a new wireless network using harmless infrared rays will make Wi-Fi speed up to 300 times faster. 

Professor Ton Koonen of Eindhoven University of Technology said, what we are doing actually is using rays of light which convey the information in a wireless way, and each ray is acting as a very high-capacity channel.It's actually the same as an optical fibre without needing the fibre, and what we achieved up to this moment is 112 gigabits per second. 

That's the equivalent data of three full-length HD movies being downloaded per second. Light antennas radiate multiple invisible wavelengths at various angles. If a user's smartphone or tablet moves out of one antenna's sightline, another takes over. Infrared wavelengths don't go into your eyes, making them safe to use.The lack of moving parts makes the system maintenanceand power-free. Each user gets their own antenna.

Koonen added, the big benefits we see of our technique is that you offer unshared capacity to each individual user, so you get a guaranteed capacity.Next to that you only get a beam if you need the traffic.So we're not illuminating the whole place where maybe a single user is there. That means it's much more power efficient. 

“Another efficiency, another advantage, is that light doesn't go through walls. So that means your communication is really confined to the particular room. Nobody can listen in from outside, so it offers you a lot of security,“ he said.

Presently, the team is looking to get more funds in order to spread the technology with in a span of five year.