In Pics: 10 things we bet you did not know about Taapsee Pannu

New Delhi: Today is the birthday of the 'Pink' daring and bindaas lady Taapsee Pannu. Taapsee is among those few succeesful Bollywood stars who have carved a niche for themselves very soon. She did have her share of controversies as well, but was sharp enough to tame them fast. She ruffled many feathers when she took a plunge in the delicate topic of 'nepotism' in Bollywood. Taapsee has climed the ladders of fame very swiftly; thanks to her great looks, acting calibre and politically correct answers. Did you know these 10 things about the birthday girl Taapsee Pannu?

1. Taapsee is a Jat Sikhini, so irritate her at your own risk.

2.Besides being a Bollywood star, she is a vey popular Tollywood heart-throb. 3. Her claim to fame are many, but Pink changed her world, where she plays a daring woman and her character inspired millions across the globe.

4.Taapsee has a sister who is four years junior to her but her family and friends consider her moe matured. 5. Her family and friends consider her a spoilt brat. In school she was interested in everything except studies. 6.Her nick name is Maggi. Since her childhood she is a deft dancer who has won numerous prizes.

7.Though she did not put much effort still she scored well. She got 90% in Boards and pursued Engineering. Her CAT score was also impressive. 8.Taapsee will never fall in love with a film star as she wants to fall in love with a common man.

9. Taapsee is an enterpreneur as well who owns an event management company 'The Wedding Factory' run by her sister Shagun Pannu and buisness partner Farah Parvaresh 10. Taapsee participated in Miss India 2008 pageant and won the titles of Pantaloons Femina Miss Fresh Face and also Safi Femina Miss Beautiful Skin.