In Pics: Fashion trends for summer 2016

Fashion trends for 2016 have brought back traditional colours, modern shapes and a range of unexpected accessories for the hotter months. 

Have a look:

Cut or Off-Shoulder Trend

From off-shoulder tops and shoulder cutout patterns to asymmetrical necklines, this pattern is quite versatile.

All Net

From dresses to skirts, 2016 will be nothing but net. It adds dimension to the outfit and gives a soft feminine touch to your look.

Pajama Party

This year, you can wear your pajama outside your home without looking as though you've just woken up.  

Washed out Plaids

Plaids will definitely charm their way into your closet this year. 

Orange Ruler

Orange is the new black of the season. The colour will continue to rule the 2016 summer.

The Flat Mule 

With a level sole and simple slip-on style, simplicity is in vogue.

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