In Pics: Taimur is more Kapoor than Pataudi!

New Delhi, Oct 13: If there is anything that the paparazzi's love the most is catching a glimpse of baby Taimur. Be it any time of the year, Taimur steals the limelight and melts everyone's hearts with his utter cuteness. 

However, the ongoing debate about the resemblance in baby Taimur never sets a conclusion. Where, sometimes it clearly states Kapoor, the other times it inclines towards the Pataudis. 

Dotting daddy Saif Ali Khan too is confused about Taimur's actual resemblance. A fan page of Kareena Kapoor recently shared an interview video of Saif talking about Taimur inheritance. 

Saif says, “She (Kareena) says he looks like me but I am pretty sure he looks a lot like her. I cannot tell. Some days he looks like me and some days he looks like her. He looks like a Chinese her. He then reverts and says “Not Chinese, let’s say Mongol. (Laughs) But Mongol sounds like he is missing a chromosome. Let’s say Timurid.”

Earlier also in interviews, Kareena had said “I think he (Taimur) is a perfect mix of Saif and me, more so like me, of a Kapoor, I think so. I think he looks exactly like my dad because I think I look like my dad. He is more like my dad.” She further said “Saif and I keep arguing that he is more like a Pataudi and I am like no, he is like a Kapoor. But of course, his gorgeous sea blue eyes which he has taken from my grandfather and Lolo and that is amazing.”