'Indian occupied Kashmir' doesn't exist: Sushma

New Delhi, May 10: External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj, who is just a tweet away for people in need, on Thursday questioned the origin of a youth from Jammu and Kashmir studying in the Philippines whose twitter profile said he is from "Indian occupied Kashmir" before assuring all help.

"If you are from J&K state, we will definitely help you. But your profile says you are from 'Indian occupied Kashmir'. There is no place like that," the Minister tweeted in reply to Sheikh Ateeq who said he urgently needed a new passport to return to India for a medical check-up.

Moments later, Ateeq corrected the location on his Twitter bio to "Jammu and Kashmir/ Manila", which prompted the minister to immediately direct the Indian Embassy in Manila to extend all support.

"I am happy you have corrected the profile," she said, and asking the Indian mission to help Ateeq, who is pursuing a medical course in the country.

Pleading for the minister's help, Ateeq had tweeted tagging Sushma Swaraj: "I am from J&K doing medicine course here in Philippines my passport got damaged I applied for new one 1 month ago I request u pls help me to get it as i literally need to go home for medical checkup."

The youth had asked for the minister's help on April 5 also. "Dear ma'am @SushmaSwaraj I greatly need your help. Is there anything u can do to rush the process of my passport as it is damaged. I need to get back to my home, India. My health is deteriorating and I cannot shoulder the expenses any more as I'm student."

However, he had received no response then.

Though the minister was quick to help the youth after he changed his address on the Twitter profile, Ateeq's profile is no more visible - probably deleted by him.

However, it created quite a buzz among the Twitterati who shared Sushma Swaraj's tweet 7,000 times while some 16,000 people like it.