Indian Railways increases security checks on website, 35 seconds wait is a must

New Delhi: Users will now have to wait for at least 35 seconds before he or she can book a ticket over the IRCTC website as Indian Railways increases various security checks to ensure there is no misuse of ticket booking facility.

Earlier, the minimum waiting time for booking rail tickets online was kept at 10 seconds which was more vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Asked why 35 seconds wait, Centre for Railway Information System (CRIS) MD Sanjay Das said this is the minimum time required to fill the information necessary for booking ticket online.

CRIS provides the software to IRCTC. About the possibility of hacking the site to cause disruption in the service, Das said foolproof arrangements have been made to prevent any unauthorised intrusion or hacking of the site.

We have engaged Standardisation Ticketing and Quality Control, a website security audit expert, to check the system and they have certified that the site is safe, Manocha said.

"There has been attempts being made by about 18,500 times in the past to intrude into the system which can be called as denial of service attackers. We have taken necessary security measures to prevent such incidents," Das said.

News24 Bureau