Indian youth hooked to social media to get information: Survey

New Delhi: More and more students are shunning newspapers, books, and magazines and consider social media as the best platform to find latest happenings, trends, and new information, says a survey. According to the survey conducted by Fortis Healthcare, more than 74 per cent of students thinks that social media is the best platform for information, facts and latest happenings. “Social media has a far-reaching impact on the minds and behaviour of youth today. Their lifestyle choices, likes, and dislikes are being fashioned by what they see on online and electronic media,” said Dr. Samir Parikh, head of the department of mental health & behavioral sciences at Fortis Healthcare. “A key concern is also that most students rely on social media for facts, information and knowledge as compared to books and magazines,” Parikh added. Reading different kinds of materials goes a long way in making students creative and imaginative.  However, the survey that involved 1,350 students, also revealed that apart from social media, celebrities, and their activities also influence youth to a great extent.