Inspired from my travels: Imtiaz Ali

If you happen to be an Imtiaz Ali fan, you are most probably enamored with his globetrotting adventures and awesome (borderline preaching) escapades. When asked about why travel is an integral part of his filmmaking journey, the director revealed, 

"Travelling is enchanting because you meet new people that give you fresh concepts and they often become your stories.  People are my biggest inspiration. It's isn't travel per se that inspires me to make movies but people and things that I encounter while travelling. Attitude, thoughts, predicaments, fears of people... all of these inspire me. I don't watch too much television or just sit around idle. I like to explore places, especially those which have an old-world charm."


It's different from the Yash Raj era, because, in his movies the actors suddenly would be catapulted to these beautiful sceneries for a song and dance sequence. Here, Imtiaz's protagonists undergo a learning experience and an entire osmosis happens. A very, welcome change!