International Women's Day gift for ICICI Bank's women employees

On the eve of International Women's Day, ICICI Bank gifts “[email protected]” initiative to the women employees on Monday, where women employees will now be permitted to work while sitting at home which can be further extended.

The programme consists of a three-level security convention which guarantees that just the concerned employee can get to access the system. The second initiative is implied for women managers with young kids up to the age of 3 years, where the bank will foot the travel and stay expense of their kids along with the caregivers.

To create a seamless office environment, women employees will be provided access to the required operating system which is applicable up to one year only. IIT Delhi students helped ICICI Bank to develop the technology platform.

Chanda Kochhar, Managing Director at ICICI Bank in the report said that, "they wanted to guarantee a more stronger supportive network for women to guarantee that they don't leave the workforce at the key phase of their life. This is the motivation behind why they chose to utilize technology to make life less complex for women managers."

The bank will also execute the facility over a few center capacities and in the meantime guarantee that there is no loss of productivity.

"The framework can possibly turn into an exceptionally versatile program and will permit women managers to avail themselves of the facility for long period of time", Kochhar further added.

The bank has additionally included plans such as unique facial recognition technology to ensure security.

Other than this, Kochhar said "the bank additionally offers six months of maternity leave, 36 days of paid child care leave which is available every year for mothers and single fathers till the child attains the age of two years. The bank also offers 180 days of fertility leave for workers who are seeking the fertility treatment and 36 days of paid adoption leave for women employees and single fathers."

Additionally, "the bank tries to oblige transfer demands made by employees on account of marriage, medical reasons or any personal emergency. The bank has also propelled a Quick Response Team (QRT) to react to women employee's queries, if they are in trouble while commuting",Kochhar said.


(By: Neetu Gaur Sharma)