International Women's Day: Things women are better at than their counterparts

New Delhi: We all have come across the debate of who is better, men or women . However no one has ever come to a conclusion. As a matter of fact, there will be no end to this debate. It will go on and on till the human race wipes out.

So how do we determine who is superior!

Well, both the genders are equal. No one is superior to the other. But on a balancing scale, they both have their ups and down. The men may be good at something that women may not be at all.

However, here are some of the things that women are better at than men:


For a woman, it's easy to multi-task. Unlike men, women are better at handling multiple things at one time.  Isn't that evident from the way a woman handles housework, job, motherhood and a social life. This is because when you assign a task to a man, they allot the entire brain to comprehend the work given to them, where as the woman's mind is more diffused. They tend to work on different layers, allowing them to work for different things at one time.

Sharp Memory

A man can never negotiate with a woman in terms of memory. Every debate that requires certain facts and figures is a debate won by the woman. This is because the woman's brain tends to sustain more information than the man's mind. As a result, a woman remembers more distinctly than a man. 

Better Learners

A study done by University of Georgia has revealed that women are better learners than men. They are able to grasp new things faster than men. This makes women more attentive and flexible in nature.


Well, there is no debate on that. Women are cleaner than men.  They take regular showers unlike men. According to the study published by Diego State University, the man's body has 10-20 percent more bacteria. Hence they are dirtier than women.


Most women value relationships more. They take extra measures to sustain a relation than a man. This is because they think from the heart where as man adds a rational quotient to the relationship. Hence, for a woman, sustaining a relation will be easier. Her hand at expressing is better than men.

(Written by Ishita Kapai)