iPhone users VERY BAD news for you

New Delhi, Feb7: Even before iOS giant could get out of the major battery draining issue, the company has received another challenge, a new problem in iPhone 7 and iPhone X which cause them to fail at their most basic function.

As per reports, Apple in response to complaints has posted a statement on its website confirming that some iPhone 7 models feature a defective component on the main logic board which cause them to show a “No service” message even when cellular reception is available. 

 The affected devices can be identified with production numbers printed on the back panel and eligible models are the A1660, A1780 and A1779.

To get the device serviced users must have applied for the free repair by the end of March. 

Whereas in iPhone X, hundreds of users have complained in the forums that their device unable to 

accomplish the most basic task of taking an incoming call.

The problem is occurring in faulty iPhone X touchscreens and the device doesn’t turn on for up to 10 seconds after a call comes in, stopping the user from receiving calls. The company has confirmed to the FT that looking into the matter.