Irony of ironies: Aamir is indisciplined!!



Aamir Khan, often known as Bollywood’s Mr Perfectionist, says he is “totally indisciplined” in real life, but his work brings out the discipline in him. The actor has had a successful career for the past 30 years in Bollywood. The dedication with which he works on his films, almost getting into the intricacies such as production and plots, makes his characters believable and well suited for the films. 

So, does he think he's indisciplined? He says, “The only reason I am disciplined is because my work requires me to be so. Otherwise, I am not disciplined. I know it’s very hard for people to imagine that… But this is the fact and people who are close to me know that and they know how indisciplined I am. The only thing is work that pulls me back to track and makes me do what I have to do.”

He further says, “We are very judgmental on many things and for many reasons which you don’t need to be. Whereas, an animal is also judgmental but on a very few things. They are judgmental about their survival… Like if a deer is walking in Forest, he would be judgmental towards a tiger thinking ‘He will eat me’, whereas we are judgmental on so many levels all the time.”

“I have also realised that no matter what I am doing at the moment, my entire focus is on that one thing — whether it is eating, meeting somebody, watching a film, shooting a film or a discussion with someone. Whatever I am doing at time, I am fully into that.

“Nothing else takes me away from that. So, for me, it comes naturally. I don’t think of the future. Sometimes I multitask when I need to, but I don’t enjoy that,” he added. 

Finally, on stardom, its definition today, he says: The superstar, has ruled the industry for more than two decades, believes that the definition of stardom is changing over the years.

He says, “The concept of stardom is definitely changing. At one time, access to a star was limited. Right now, lots of stars communicate on social media. People know what he or she has said. Audiences today have the star in their pocket.”

Thus, to conclude, it isn't just his perfection, but his work ethic that has led him to his stardom. His focus on doing one film at a time, believing in his instincts, delivery just what the character entails and carrying out the message of the film most effectively. He has changed the entire work-ethic of the film industry also. For the betterment of it, for sure. 

He will next be seen in Thugs of Hindostan helmed by Vijay Krishna Accharya.