Is Aaliya hurt that Anurag Kashyap is dating this 23-yr-old

New Delhi: Anurag Kashyap never had any qualms in being candid and putting things as they are. Therefore he spilled all beans of his personal life whenever cornered by a journo. 

And now the talented filmmaker has himself put forth a chapter from his personal life for others to read. He had no qualms in sharing some personal pictures of him sharing some cosy moments with Shubhra Shetty.

Yes, though he has not said this in as many words, the pictures say it all. 44 years-old Anurag Kashyap is seen sharing some cosy pictures with 23-year-old Shubhra Shetty who is just 7 years younger to his daughter Aaliya Kashyap.

Just a couple of years back he had separated from talented actress Kalki Koechlin, his wife of four years. Before that, he was separated from Aarti Bajaj (Biological mother of Aaliya).