ISIS entrance form leaked: 23 questions to join the group

Many people are unaware of the fact that ISIS has an entrance form that must be filled before joining the organisation. Just like schools and colleges, ISIS entrance form requires the interested candidates to fill in their personal details along with a note that will define their future relationship with the group.

It's interesting to note how they emphasize on the personal details and have formulated a form similar to the one existing in the professional world. All one needs to do is to disclose their details, along with the point of reference and the understanding of one's need in the terror based militant group. It even allows the fighters to adopt pseudonyms to participate in the activity in order to conceal their true identity.

The form was leaked by Abu Hameed, a former member of the ISIS, who fled the organisation with some crucial data that may define the functional dynamics of ISIS, Sky news reported.

So, if you haven't looked at the form yet, here is a glimpse of it: 1. Name 2. Fighter name 3. Mother's maiden name 4. Blood type 5. DOB and nationality 6. Marriage status 7. Address and place of residence 8. Level of education 9. Level of Sharia understanding 10. Previous job 11. Countries traveled through 12. Area entered from 13. Who recommended 14. Date of entry 15. Have they fought before 16. What role will they take 17. Any special skills 18. Current place of work 19. Security deposit 20: Level of obedience 21: Contact numbers 22: Date and place of death 23: Notes

News24 Bureau