ISIS member leaks details of 22,000 jihadis

In a bid to unravel the mystery behind the ISIS, fresh information about the militant group has been retrieved by Sky News.

If reports are to be believed, this can be termed as an unearthing discovery that reveals the details of 22,000 people who have registered themselves as the members of Islamist organization.

One of the former members of the group, Abu Hameed fled the organisation with a memory stick that holds crucial data pertaining to the details of the applicants who have applied to ISIS from around the globe.

On talking to him about his endeavour, he started to share his reasons for disassociation with the group. He joined ISIS because of a certain set of ideologies followed by them. However, over the years, those idelolgies have shattered, leaving behind a harsh reality.  This compelled him to abandon the organisation. 

According to sky news, people from 51 countries came together to assist the group in its various ventures. Some of the names exposed in those leaked documents involved reknowned figures.   Abdel Bary was a well known rap artist in the UK. However, he joined ISIS after his visit to nations including Libya and Syria in 2013. His form was retrived from the information stored in the memory stick.

Another man who joined the ISIS was Junaid Hussain. His profile was found on the leaked documents. He, along with his wife Sally Jones, was responsible for carrying out destructive activities in the UK. However, Junaid was found dead later but whereabouts of his wife are unknown.

There are more people like Junaid and Abdel who have contributed significantly to the fight. This is a startling discovery. The data retrieved can be used to enhance the security at various junctions of the world. News24 Bureau