It's tough for actors to break from characters: Ishita Dutta

Mumbai: Actress Ishita Dutta, who is currently seen as Arundhati in TV show “Rishton Ka Saudagar - Baazigar”, says it becomes difficult for an actor working on the small screen to break the stereotypical image that a show creates of him or her. Ishita found fame after her portrayal of Poonam in popular TV show “Ek Ghar Banaunga”. Thereafter, she went on to play the role of Anju Salgaonkar in 2015 film “Drishyam”.  "To a certain extent TV does create a stereotypical image of an actor as they end up playing the same character for a year or more," Ishita said. "Even for the audience, they start relating to the character more and more as they watch them every day on screen, and that character gets stuck in their minds. So, it is difficult for an actor to break away from their previous roles, but at the same time it is also very challenging," she added. However, Ishita, who is younger sister of actress Tanushree Dutta, says she hasn't faced this difficulty in her professional life. "It wasn't difficult to come out of Poonam's character as I took a break after 'Ek Ghar Banaunga'. I played the role of a school girl in 'Drishyam' last year and also did a web series... So, it wasn't so difficult to break away any image," Ishita said. "Now I am playing Arundhati, which is different from all the roles I have played so far. So for me, it is not so difficult to break away from previous roles and at the same time, I always accept a role one day before the shoot commences. This has happened for 'Drishyam' and 'Baazigar' -- wherein I got selected a day before we were to leave for an outdoor shoot," she added. Is "Rishton Ka Saudagar - Baazigar" more challenging than her previous shows? Ishita said: "Coincidentally, both Poonam and Arundhati are from Lucknow... So that is one similarity but otherwise there is a lot of difference between them. "Sometimes I feel playing simple, girl-next-door roles are more challenging as you have to add your own individuality to the character to be able to differentiate it from others on television." Though Ishita shoots for "Rishton Ka Saudagar - Baazigar" for "around 28 days in a month", she says if she gets time, she would love to be a part of a reality TV. "I would love to be a part of some reality show, but I wonder how an actor does a daily and a reality show (together) as a daily show takes up a lot of time. "Even now with 'Baazigar', I am not left with a lot of time on hand and whatever time I do have, I like to spend it with my family. But if something can be worked out, then I would not mind doing a reality show but nothing at the cost of what I have already committed to," she said. Apart from Ishita, "Rishton Ka Saudagar - Baazigar", aired on Life OK, also stars Vatsal Sheth, Lalit Parimoo and Pankaj Dheer.