I've learned about love the hard way: Jennifer Lopez

Los Angeles:Singer Jennifer Lopez says she used to lie to herself when it came to love. The "On the floor" hitmaker said she used to ignore "red flags" in her past relationships, reports dailymail.co.uk. "I want to make good choices in a partner, in my work. When we don't truly care about ourselves -- when we aren't focused on looking after ourselves -- that's when we end up making bad decisions. I had to learn this the hard way," Lopez said. "I used to ignore red flags in relationships. I would see them, but I would tell myself, 'I didn't see that'. Then later on I would end up in a situation and say, 'Oh, I didn't see that coming'. These days I'm more apt to act on those red flags than I was when I was younger," she added. The 46-year-old star -- who is currently dating actor Casper Smart -- doesn't like putting a label on a relationship. "I don't think about being 'in a relationship' or 'not in a relationship'. I feel good in the moment, and if I feel good when I'm with somebody that's great, and if it doesn't feel good, then I stop it. It's very simple," Lopez said.