Japanese girl hit by moving train while using smartphone

Tokyo: A 17-year-old Japanese girl was hit and injured by a moving train while walking along the edges of the station platform, fully engrossed in her smartphone, the media reported on Monday. The incident occurred at Kugenumakaigan Station in Fujisawa, at around 1.30 p.m. on Saturday, Japan Today reported.  The girl was walking along the edges of the platform, looking at her smartphone. Her head was slightly tilted toward the tracks and an approaching train on the Odakyu line -- the main line of Japanese private railway operator Odakyo Electric Railway -- hit her, Sankei Shimbun was quoted as saying.  She received a slight head injury, the police said. Out of the 229 train delays caused by objects falling on tracks in April and May in seven prefectures or administrative divisions, 23 per cent were due to smartphones being dropped, said a recent report from the East Japan Railway Company -- the major passenger railway company in Japan.