JIio BUMPER offer..Give Rs 2000 GET Rs 10000

New Delhi: Free offers from Reliance Jio stable  never seem to end. The company has yet again surprised its rivals and  has given you a gift that you will relish and enjoy. Jio has announced  yet another super attractive offer, under which you get 4G data free for  one full year. Yes, free data for 12 months!

This  time Jio has combined the offer with the advent of GST. When most  telecom companies increasing tariffs after GST, Jio's latest offer does  exactly the opposite. The new offer comes under the name JioFi JioGST  Starter kit.

What to you get under JioFi JioGST Starter kit.

    1. Unlimited voice calling and 24 GB Data for 1 year

    2. JioGST Software solution for 1 year

    3. JioFi Device

    4. Doorstep activation of Sim in selected cities

    5. Billing app .

For  the above mentioned service s you have to pay just Rs. 1,999. What do  you gain? Well, the services you are getting in Rs 1,999 are actually  worth Rs 10,000 in the market.  You can get the the JioFi JioGST offer  in EMIs by paying just Rs 95.

What is JioGST all about

1).  App Based GST Solution: Jio is giving this app-based to small traders  which will help them file GST returns. This is compatiable with all  billing software. The software, priced at Rs 1999, is offered in starter  kit..

2) Jio Billing Application: This can generate  summary wise invoices for small traders. This is powered with tax codes  for thousands of products and services, and it doesn’t need a printer to  work with. Actual price is Rs 4,999 but you get it free with kit.

3) JioFi Device: Kit includes JioFi WiFi device. This will give unlimited voice calling, 24 GB of 4G data for a year.

4)  Expert Advice on GST: With the starter kit will get access to thousands  of tax professionals who will help you in filing returns

5).  JioGST Knowledge Hub: You get access to a JioGST knowledge hub. This  includes dedicated GST Chat channel on JioChat, access to tax experts  via emails, regular seminars, etc.