Jio effect: Company offering 84GB of 4G data at Rs 293

New Delhi: When Jio is evolving with bumper offers day by day, other networks pressured with the competition are having a tough time.

However, after a string of summer season offers given by Jio, Airtel has now come up with a beneficial brilliant offer for users, trying to compete with Jio.

Airtel has come out with 2 new plans, countering Jio, available for pre-paid customers only:

1. 84GB OF 4G data for 84days at Rs 499


2. 84GB OF 4G data for 84Days at Rs 293


To attract more customers towards Airtel, it has restricted the offers to only new users of Airtel.

Unlike Jio, there will be a limitation to calls between Airtel and other networks with a 1GB limit per day at 4G speed.