Jodie Marsh wants to have child through sperm donor

London: British model Jodie Marsh has revealed she is determined to have a baby through a sperm donor. The 37-year-old previously revealed her ambition of becoming a mother and although she put those plans on hold while she married her now-estranged husband James Placido, the star has admitted that she remains intent on having a child, reports The 37-year-old star also said she is proudly celibate once again.  "I may have sex appeal but I don't do sex," Marsh wrote on Instagram.  Marsh said she is relishing not having sex for a sustained period of time. "I'm on 'This Morning' on ITV... and I will be talking about why being celibate is amazing, why I have been put off sex, why I don't need a man and why I'll be having a sperm donor baby," she said.  Marsh has previously abstained from sex for as long as four years and said it was "the best thing" she has ever done. Earlier this month, Marsh said she is planning to be celibate for five years.