Judge orders arrest warrant for Tyga

Los Angeles, An arrest warrant has been issued for Tyga after he failed to show up to court. he 26-year-old rapper was supposed to visit the court for the hearing with his landlord about his ongoing eviction case, but he chose not to attend and the judge issued a bench warrant, reported E! online.

Documents filed by the attorney's for Tyga's landlord say he agreed to pay USD 16,000 per month for the plaintiff's house. Three months after moving in, Tyga stopped paying rent and the landlord attempted to have the "Molly" rapper evicted.

Tyga abandoned the house "sometime prior" to October 31, 2012. After he moved out, the landlord found that he had inflicted major damages on the home, including tearing off the automatic gate opener and damaging bathroom tiles. The cost of the damages is about USD 480,285, which according to the documents, Tyga hasn't paid.

However, the "Make It Nasty" musician recently gifted a Mercedes-Maybach to girlfriend Kylie Jenner, which upset his landlord because he still owes money on the house he rented. 

 The hearing was meant to address questions about Tyga's financial standing, but because of the fact that he didn't show up to court, "A lien was created. Including any property gifted to a third-party, to be applied toward satisfaction of the USD 480,285.00 worth of debt."