Julianne Moore positive about Hollywood 'changes' for women

Los Angeles: Actress Julianne Moore says she is feeling positive about there being "changes happening" for women in Hollywood. The "Still Alice" star is confident the industry is going in the right direction and says the important thing is to increase the number of women in filmmakers' roles, reports femalefirst.co.uk. "There are definitely changes happening. This movie is indicative of that. When you talk about diversity in film, the only way you are able to achieve it is by broadening the diversity of the creators, the writers and directors," Moore told Australia's Sunday Style magazine.  "You don't say to a bunch of guys, 'Hey, you should write some more stories about women, as our experiences are so subjective. My husband (filmmaker Bart Freundlich) writes his own stories; he doesn't write stories about women. That's not where his creative impulse comes from," she added.  The 55-year-old actress was honoured to win a Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role Oscar for her role in "Still Alice".  "You still feel like you are on pins and needles. But it felt great (to win). It's lovely. It's a wonderful, wonderful honour. I always say you can't take that stuff for granted," she said.  "It's an industry award and it means that all these people in your business had to bother to tick the box next to your name," Moore added.