Justin Bieber pokes fun at himself in new video

Los Angeles: Grammy award winning singer Justin Bieber shared a new Instagram video poking fun at himself in reference to his recent fist fight in Cleveland where he was seen throwing a punch at a man outside a hotel. On Friday, Bieber, 22, shared a video saying that he's in good "company" as his friend Micah Cravalho put him in check, reports people.com. "Is that a fighting video? Dude, fighting's not cool," Bieber said in the social media clip before Cravalho retorted, "I know that's why you don't take on 6'5" guys."  Bieber ended the video by showing a big smile. However according to a source close to the singer, the “Sorry” hitmaker's Purpose Tour has him feeling "beat," and that "he's not losing it. He's just trying to find ways to focus."