Kajol reveals this shocking thing about Ajay!

New Delhi:  Bollywood has a lot of people who are brutally honest and likes to speak out of what they wish to say and not what others want to listen. One of the most honest actresses in B-town is Kajol. The actress is outspoken and never plays with words but sometimes her straight forward nature lands his husband Ajay Devgn into problems.

In a recent interview, she said  "Huge cost. Ajay blasts me every other day. I can't take diplomacy seriously even though it lands my husband in trouble with people in the industry. At parties, he chides me for saying things as is. But believe me, I say things in the nicest of ways with the best of intentions. Fortunately for me, people forgive me a lot. It's difficult to be diplomatic. I'll forget what you lied about."

According to reports, Kajol hates the airport looks as she stated that it is all idiotic for her. 

The actress is all geared up for her upcoming movie 'VIP2' with Dhanush.