Kamal Haasan says they are CAPABLE of protecting the Periyar statue

New Delhi, March 7: The leader of the newly formed party Makkal Needhi Maiam Kamal Hassan sounded strict when he said, "There is no need to deploy police for protection of Periyar Statue. We Tamilians will protect it. I feel that this issue is just to divert attention from Cauvery issue." He was referring to the formation of Cauvery management board.

Kamal Haasan, the veteran actor who is now in the avataar of a politician, addressed the media after Periyar's statue was vandalised on Tuesday night. 

Hassan said that he believed that the vandalism of the statue was a diversionary tactic and asked the media to focus on the main issue -- the  Cauvery Water Management Board. 

"I believe, this is being done to divert attention from the fact that govt has not constituted Water Management Board (Cauvery). I urge people and media not to fall for all this and get diverted We need to focus on our issues."

About the law and order issue, Haasan said that he was looking for peace in Tamil and that the people of his state were capable of looking after the Periyar statue. 

He, however, said that action should be taken against BJP's H Raja who had posted on Facebook that the Periyar statue should go just as the Lenin statue had been removed in Tripura. 

He concluded talking about tolerance, saying, "I have a different view on tolerance ... The word itself is demeaning ... When you tolerate, it turns out to be a headache."