Kangana is a LIAR, Bollywood actor supports Hrithik!

New Delhi, Oct 11: The ugly public fall out of the two actors, Kangana Ranaut and Hrithik Roshan has been making headlines and there seems to be no stopping about their ongoing issue. 

Where many actors have a say in the matter, Rohit Roy, who was last seen with Hrithik Roshan in 'Kaabil' comes forward this time supporting the actor against Kangana Ranaut in the battle. Where, A-listers like Farhan Akhtar, Yami Gautam, Sonam Kapoor, Shabana Azmi and Twinkle Khanna who have raised their voice by taking to their respective social media accounts to support the 43-year-old-actor, Rohit has put forth his opinion and wrote:

" Enough has been spoken/guessed/opinioned about the ongoing feud between a dear friend and colleague of mine and an actor who's been till recently known for her histrionic ability.. I have nothing but regard for her work and have personally congratulated her several times for the same.. but now it's this mess which has become an introduction for her and that's the sad truth .. More importantly, i am definitely not biased towards my friend in any way.. nor does our recent film together have any bearing on what I'm about to write..

I don't even know why I'm writing this piece but whenever I find myself perturbed about anything, the best way to express myself, I feel, is writing about it.. and I feel like although he doesn't need my support, I will feel better if I extend it to him anyway..

Without getting into the nitty gritties of what why where when etc ( which has been done to death in any case) I'd like to say that, me , like every other respectable human being am appalled by the way Indian women are treated in a country where we worship the Devi as the strongest Divine force (shakti)

BUT to just say oh she's a woman and hence she must be right is a great disservice to the man in question and I do not think that even a self respecting lady would agree with this line of thought .. I'd like to ask all these people commenting on social media one question ,. Do u really know what transpired or are u basing your comments on heresy ??! Do you have such in depth knowledge about their relationship non existent in this case!) that you are pronouncing a verdict ??

What I want to say that whatever I know about him and the step tht he has taken to fight for his name which is being maligned without fact or reason is something tht only a man with a strong sense of dignity and character would have the courage to do. Any one else would probably have let it pass with the belief that stuff like this eventually blows over and that audience memory is short lived .. had he the littlest of doubts about his own behaviour in this matter, he would most certainly have not stirred the hornets nest.. Think about it... it's very simple really..

anyway it's only my understanding and opinion on the subject and I hope it all gets sorted soon so all people concerned can move on peace ..

God bless ".