Kangana reveals why she turned down Salman's 'Sultan'!

New Delhi, Sept 17:  It is known that one of the most renowned actors in Bollywood, Salman Khan's 'Sultan' hit the box office like no other!  Where, fans were in awe of the movie, very few were aware that Anushka Sharma's role was previously offered to 'Queen' actress, Kangana Ranaut. Reports suggested that it was Kangana who turned down movie 'Sultan'.

In a media confrontation, when asked about her refusing to the movie, she stated "Knowing today's times, I'll go for something which will stimulate my mind, otherwise, I'll be just sleepwalking through the film. Sultan, at that point of time, though it was a great character for a girl to play, I didn't see anything for me in that."

She further explained that the role was offered to her at the time when she had a successful hit in 'Tanu Weds Manu Returns' double role and said "Coming from a double role space and doing so much more in my earlier films, I didn't want to demote myself to something which wasn't offering me so much. That's why I didn't do it,"

Kangana, who will be next seen in Manikarnika - The Queen of Jhansi, directed by Krish will be seen playing a role of Rani Lakshmibai of Jhansi. Kangana believes that every character that she plays changes her in some way.

About her upcoming movie, the 30-year-old actress expressed "With Jhansi Ki Rani, there was a fearless girl who set herself on fire for a cause. There is something so amazing about her, it's infectious. It makes you feel so small when you listen to her story. We are so possessive about these small achievements when people have let go of so much for a bigger cause. It does affect you. This character has shown me a side of me which I didn't know"