Kangana touches Karan Johar's feet...Pleads SORRY?

New Delhi, Jan 23: Kangana Ranaut forgot all the annoyance with Karan Johar and touched his feet. Don't be surprised, actually, Kangana will be seen as the guest judge in reality TV show "India's Next Superstars".

On this occasion, Kangana and Karan recreated a scene of 'Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham'. Rohit Shetty wanted to lighten the mood of the audience with some entertainment, then he asked Kangana and Karan to do this scene.

Rohit said, 'We are going to make the K3G part 2 here. I will direct the scene in which Karan will play the role of Shahrukh and Kangana will be his girlfriend. Within no time, Karan and Kangana both accepted Rohit proposal and started the scene.Then Karan took entry like Shahrukh and Kangana touched his feet and took blessing from him.

The differences between Kangana and Karan in the past have come out. They had said a lot about each other openly. Kangana accused Karan, that he encourages dynasty and places only the children of stars in his films.