Kangana's Chic Winter Style!

Seasons come and go, and us women try to rake in our closets to rediscover trends and styles so that we can re-invent ourselves. Thus, let's get inspired from our superstar, super gutsy gal Kangana Ranaut. 

* The first picture, she is wearing a calf-length royal blue, chiffon dress. Its got full sleeves and because of its length its perfect for winters. The deep cut with the silky top worn inside gives it a very vibrant look. You can wear it with a metallic belt and accessorize with metallic jewels. 

* The second picture, is a full pants and its material is of a suit-piece, so thick enough for winters and you can pair it with a pink top, its a contrasting colour yet it is great for a season like winters because it complements nature's colours at this time. Wear it with a matching blue coat or a shawl too.  Accessorize with pearls.