Kanhaiya Kumar to campaign in West Bengal polls

New Delhi: Putting the speculations to rest, senior Communist Party leader Sitaram Yechury on Friday confirmed that JNU Students’ Union president Kanhaiya Kumar would be campaigning in the crucial West Bengal legislative election, the counting of which will begin on May 19.


Taking this information to a rather obvious note, Yechury said, “All active members of the Left (ideology), including Kanhaiya, will be taking part” in the campaign for West Bengal Legislative elections, which will begin on April 4 and will be held in six phases.


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While addressing a press conference outside of the JNU campus, Kanhaiya said that there is a difference between anti-national and anti-government. “I want to assure the taxpayers of this country that a JNU student can never be anti-national,” he asserted.


“United India is not anyone’s patent,” Kanhaiya further said stressing that Kashmir is an integral part of India. The death penalty of Afzal Guru, which on one evening had created a huge furore, was put to rest today. “In today’s time, Afzal Guru is not my icon; my icon is Rohith Vemula,” Kumar added.


Earlier on Thursday night, after being released from Tihar jail on bail, Kanhaiya gave a rousing speech at Jawaharlal Nehru University. A wave of sympathy arose among a segment of the nation when Kumar was arrested on sedition charges.


“I believe in the law of the land, in the constitution and the judicial system of the country. I also believe that the only truth is change and it will come, we are in favour of change and will bring it about. We stand by socialism, secularism, equality that is mentioned in the preamble of our constitution,” he had said.


By: Mayank Mohanti

(With ANI peg)