Kapil is most talented artiste: Mithun Chakraborty

Mumbai, July 12  (IANS) Veteran actor Mithun Chakraborty feels that comedian Kapil Sharma is the most talented artiste.

There  has been a constant comparison between the existing show of Kapil  Sharma and "The Drama Company" featuring comedian Krishna Abhishek.

Talking  about this, Mithun, who was present at the launch of new comedy series  titled "The Drama Company" on Tuesday, said: "I think, we shouldn't  compare the show because all the actors in my show are talented and on  the other hand Kapil is also most talented artiste we have in this  country. He is big and very huge. I feel if we can match up to him then  we have done a great job," he added.

The show also features Sudesh Lahiri, Ali Asgar, Sanket Bhosle, Sugandha Mishra and Ridhima Pandit.

"Ours  is a family show and we will stand by it. We are not here to make fun  of anybody and talk cheap things about anybody so we will try to  entertain the audience in most mature way without hurting anybody's  sentiments," Mithun said on how comedians land in trouble due to their  funny remarks on certain people.

When asked about  whether the audience is taking comedy lightly as a genre, Mithun said,  "No one is taking comedy lightly because it has become most successful  genre in terms of box-office collection."

"If your film has good  comedy then it is guaranteed 100 crore film at the box office. I have  done films like Housefull, Entertainment, Golmaal and these all were the  biggest hits of those years," he added.

Talking about  his absence from the big screen for a long period of time, the "Disco  Dancer" actor said, "I have bored the audience so much over the years. I  have done 300-350 films out of which 200 films I myself can't watch  (being boring) but there are some landmark films and that is the reason I  have sustained in the industry for these many years."

Mithun will be playing the character of Shambhu Dada on the show who will be the owner of a drama company.

"The Drama Company" will be aired from July 16, replacing the existing reality series "Sabse Bada Kalaakar" on Sony.