Kapil Sharma is begging this from Sunil Grover on his birthday!

New Delhi: Rumours are rife that Kapil Sharma is using Sunil Grover's birthday as an excuse to come close to him once again. He was seen and heard from many platforms sending weilded messages for his estranged friend. And the fans are the last one to give up hope as nothing and no one can give a laughter riot as the duo can.

Separately the zing is lost, as even after nearly three months of separation neither of the two could show any wonder. This is the proof that they both complement each other. And the sooner they realize, the better.

And Sunil Grover now says that the two don't need a mediator to sort out the differnces between the two. Is this an indication? The TRP of The Kapil Sharma Show ia falling day by day, and so is Kapil Sharma's reputation and health. Time to bury the hatchet, friends.