Kapil Sharma's girlfriend leaves him because of this woman!

New Delhi, Sep 14: In the many shocking revelations about Kapil Sharma of late, this is perhaps the most heart-breaking one. Yes,now even Kapil Sharma's girlfriend Ginni Chatath has left him. It is still a speculation; whether his girlfriend has left him or Kapil Sharma has left her.

But the reason behind the spilt is a shocking one. Can you believe it that a female colleague of Kapil Sharma, who was with him on the sets of his show had grown a strong liking for him. In fact he was telling every Tom, Dick and Harry that Kapil an she are having  an affair. 

This pissed off Kapil's girlfriend. Insiders say that Kapil was very disturbed by all this and tried his level best to convince Ginni. A sort of cold war developed and the sources suggest that they are separated.